Short Curly Hair

Pictures say a lot. Add filters, now they can lie. Instagram has become saturated with beauticians of every skill. Hairstylist, makeup artist, lashes technicians, and barbers and display beautiful art. But is their work they are displaying? Smartphones have given phonies the tools to exaggerate their abilities in order to grow a following, an impression, and clientele. People have become dependent on social media. Trusting the information due to its personal impressionistic invitation into anyone’s world in an instant. The ability to decipher the authentic and the fraudulent truly takes an attentive approach. Here are the details to look for when choosing a beauty professional. 

Original photos are rarely blurry. Pay attention to the edges of the work in the image. Artist are determined on posting the perfect eye-catching photograph. The attention to detail is extensive. This perfectionistic approach leads to art being created. If an image’s edges are blurry, good chance the image was screen shot and reposted from another beautician’s page. 

Be ware of filtered images. They tend to hide the details or flaws of a stylist’s work. A beautician takes pride in there creations. Color enhancement is a tool used sometimes but that is usually the extent of it. We created the beauty, and take pride in showing it. 

Zoom in and look closely at the work that is beautiful at first sight. This can reveal flaws hidden by distance. Sometimes stylist will hide unpolished work by only showing the work from afar. Images can be client selfies that never show the details, or photos of the stylist and client posing together to show a happy client. Your taste for perfection can differ so don’t trust that smile! 

Look for multiple angles of work. Often times fraudulent beauty artist will only show one side of their work…the best side lol. A good stylist almost always shows a minimal of two angles of there work. This shows their consistency and you can rest assure the stylist didn’t simply style the hair specifically for this photo. 

Backgrounds. Though there are some traveling stylist, there are not that many. So, their images should display a consistent background of where they work. Trust me, most of us despise lugging our tools place to place. We love our styling chairs and work stations, and become accustomed to our lighting and rely on it. 

Mentions. Visit a stylist’s page and check out there tagged section. Clients often post selfies tagging their stylist in the process. This is Instagram’s versions of a review section. Business are built and broken from reviews, so you can most likely put faith in what you find. 

Finally, read. Comments tell stories. Instagram is primarily a photo app, but people comment. It’s the social aspect of the app. Read the comments and responses to gauge who you may deal with as far as personality and how they run their business. 

Instagram is full of honest beauticians and expert liars. Image is everything and so much of our lives indirectly relies on our appearance. Social media is a convenience that requires caution. A wrong choice can lead to complete disappointment resulting in you wasting your money. 

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