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Social Media Beauty Magazine.

Magazine Advertising Tool that promotes your business and connects directly to your website or social media network of choice.

Metro Los Angeles, California.

Helping clients Search and find local beauty professionals in
the Southern California Area.

Advertise More.

Affordable advertising designed to showcase the beauty
professionals that want more than avearge.

Cover Page

The best brands use aggressive
marketing for their business. Learn more about putting your business in front of the rest.


Article Page

WHO are you? WHAT is your business? WHY did you become a beauty professional? HOW did you become successful? Share your story today.


Ad Page

Advertising pages are one of the most direct and instant marketing strategies used for introducing and branding a business. Be Bold. Be controversial. Be remembered Today.


Featured Ads

Featured means main attraction. Effectively accessible from any page of the BeautyMag for maximal exposure.


First of its kind! ilobeau Beauty Magazine is an inexpensive digital magazine designed to assist with promoting beauty professionals and their businesses locally by linking directly to their chosen social network or website. Created to present another effective and affordable promotional option, ilobeau Beauty Magazine leads to greater visibility in the crowded and necessary social media network. Focusing on the the beauty industry, ilobeau Beauty Magazine showcases Barbers, Hairstylists, Photographers, Tattoo Artists, Nail Technicians, Esteticians and Cosmetic Surgeons wanting to expand their brand and influence while aiding awareness of their existence. Magazines marketing has forever helped provide brand verification and informative familiarity that develops the trust consumers want in a brand.