What We Offer

Thought the idea of having your own business is exciting, the details and responsibilities aren’t always as fun. The pitfalls are real as the dream to succeed, I offer my twenty plus years of experience to help guide you past these hurdles to where you want your business to be. Scroll down and choose the way I can help you. All business assistant plans include step by step guidance until purpose is accomplished.

Assistance duration limited to 60 days. All purchases are Non-refundable. All below listed plans are for assistance and guidance only. ilobeau Services Corporation and payments made to ilobeau Services Coporation and ilobeau.com does not transfer responsibility for additional corporation fees, advertising fees, editing/graphic design, design cost, and any cost outside of details listed in each plan listed below.


First Steps

The best brands use aggressive
marketing for their business. Learn more about putting your business in front of the rest.


Second Steps

WHO are you? WHAT is your business? WHY did you become a beauty professional? HOW did you become successful? Share your story today.


Third Steps

Advertising pages are one of the most direct and instant marketing strategies used for introducing and branding a business. Be Bold. Be controversial. Be remembered Today.


Fourth Step

How to Market your salon for low cost. Arguably an equally important necessity to business growth, success, and sustainability that doesn’t have to drain your bank doing so!


Fifth Step

How to correctly use Social media. It can often be confusing as to how social platforms truly lead to business growth. Each platform has a different audience of users, and creating the choice for your business to target!