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    The scene was set. Sunny day, perfect breeze that helped create a beautiful day. A mother comes in with her nine year old daughter for a haircut. I can sense the mother’s lack of want for me to be the stylist that serviced her daughter. As I explained she consistently interrupted me declaring comprehension of the cut I was explaining and the benefits it will create. Upon completing the length of the cut into an A line Lob, the monther blurts out “this is awful!!”. I immediately stop cutting and ask her to elaborate. She then walks to her daughter’s hair and starts complaining that it is too blunt of a cut. So I explain that I am not finished and I still have to layer it. Three point cuts into layering, she screams again “omg I can cut hair better than you. you are the worst and I never should have come in here. What are you doing? These layers are not neat (her favorite word) and just look at this!! What are you doing? Don’t worry baby, it will grow back.” Then she begins pacing the salon displaying stress and mental exhaustion. I am in shock. After asking her to show me her cos license, I started biting my tongue and walked to the back of the salon. I was able to hear her belittle me to the owner for five minutes, concluding that she does not want to finish the cut because I have an attitude now lol. At this moment is what I decided to walk back to my station and agree with her that I do have an attitude and I will not finish the cut regardless of the situation. She then storms out of salon, only to later come back for owner to complete the precise cut I already started. Twenty-two years of cutting…I have never experiences this. Glad I am not in my twenties anymore… my response would have been a lot different.

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