Hair Color: The Tube. The Box. The How.

It’s the most addictive service offered my a hairstylist. The results can be rich in depth while unlocking personalities unknown. This service ignites intensified relationships with mirrors that  stimulate an intrigued unfamiliarity. Hair coloring is the truest immediate demonstration that illustrates artistic talents of a hairstylist. Though nonprofessional products convince consumers that this chemistry service is a breeze, as often have learned…it’s the total opposite. Hairstylist dedicate years of trial and error perfecting the craft of hair coloring. The intricacies and boundaries are limitless, setting the canvas for a purely artistic masterpiece. 

The Tube. 

A hairstylists’ creamy pigmented magic potion that is powerless without a developing catalyst. Together they allow manipulation of creations. The tube of color is peaceful, with expects considerably set in stone. It has a level of pigment that can not be altered, and a dependable work  schedule…until influenced by another source.  The developer, a peer pressuring aggressor, is the antagonist of the Tube’s uncharacteristic alternative actions. When they work alone they have potential to do unpredictable damage. Which is why they are always meant to have a chaperone. An experienced friend that ensures they behave expected without causing damage. As a team, it’s magic. Creative illustrations are customized perfectly for individual results that resemble art.

The Box. 

Two individuals untamed with intent to reach one specific predetermined goal. Inside of the box is a group of items appearing to make life convenient. A bottle of color and a bottle of developer, both showing a limited amount of effort they are willing to exert. This group doesn’t care how much work you actually need done, their effort is preassembled in exact measurements. The Box doesn’t ask questions about your history or the individual job, nor does it consider the proper tools to ensure preventing damage. The Box only cares about getting paid, and it makes the promises to do so. 

The How. 

Analyzation. Questions. Formulating. Mixing. Applying. 

  1. Determine the start and desired results of a hair color. A consultation is mandatory for a new client. Look for color variations that indicate if hair has been previously colored. Also look for damage and breakage which indicates what hair can endure. Explain the findings to your client BEFORE you start and take photos to provide a visual explanation to your analysis. 
  2. Ask whether they have colored their hair. If so, when and what is the new color they want. Ask if they relax their hair and when and what is the color they are wanting. These are mandatory questions that indicate your start for coloring hair. It’s important to also ask about a clients lifestyle and their ability to maintain their hair. This determines how your work looks until they can book their next appointment. Offer a color technique that will easily fit their schedule. The best hair coloring method compliments a clients lifestyle and schedule. 
  3. After concluding the history and condition of a clients hair formulation begins. When lifting naturally dark hair undertones and desired level are determining factors. Here is a equation that (starting level of clients hair added to the level of the tube of hair color, divided by two, representing twenty volume developer) will accurately indicate the results color will have on hair. Once level is concluded, decide to neutralize or use the level’s undertone. 
  4. Be sure to measure accurately. Color is designed to do all of the work for you as long as you follow instructions. Mix thoroughly. Color should look creamy without speckles or clumps. This maximizes accuracy in your formulation. 
  5. Saturate. The more the merrier. Drown and cover hair completely. The more saturated hair is the better and more consistent the results. When hair isn’t saturated you risk color having unwanted coverage variations. 

Hair coloring is an art that requires a sentimental approach of understanding, honesty, and patience. The correct formulation can deliver masterful results, but the wrong formulation can murder hair. If the Box of hair color is fast food and professional hair color is a home cooked meal. Which is better for you?