men fav makeup

It’s purpose is simple. Attract, tease, & tempt. A visual enhancement speaking with movements and without words. Soundless exaggerated invitations that are intimidating with excitement from provoked imaginations. With intent a woman wears it, but without control she manipulates a desire within him. It’s shine is a temptation. It’s vibrancy is hypnotizing. Variations are as endless as the want it creates to…


The beginning and end. A bonus to hello and a lingering gift at goodbye, lipstick intensifies a mans intent to experience the embrace created when his lips touches a woman’s. Lipstick and glosses visually create and recreate a newness. Refreshing a man’s curiosity and drawing him closer. Lips painted perfectly is beauty in a spotlight. Makeup is the overall presentation of beauty, but center stage is lipstick…standing alone. 

Lips, ultimate sensuality. Communicational intimacy. Guilty innocence. Natural gifts of pleasure. With glossing decorations that sparkle and shine, lips become the flawlessly diamond on a perfect face. Covered in color, they perform with subtle movements. Smiles, laughter, and talking…all loss their innocence. 

Men listen to women with their eyes. A conversation becomes flirting and listening becomes hoping when a man watches dressed lips move. Unintentionally lusting, men fantasize.  Imagining the moment of tasting your lips that are coated with gloss. The shine. The shimmer. To a man, nothing is as desirable as a beautiful pair of moist lips. 

Makeup is the detail that highlights the present beauty of every woman. Products simply designed to create perfect images that blinds men with overwhelming lust and eagerness. Makeup is seductive art, and the item that men can’t ignore or resist is a magic wand that adds colors to invisible words while simply painting beautiful lips.



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