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it is in us all. In some of us it lives on the surface and in others it’s buried deep…
hidden by fears of failure
and bottomless feeling of rejection.
It is desired,
the want easily measured by one’s aggression for pursuing it,
but not all will claim it.
Reaching the pinnacle of your craft or profession is a steep mountain that promises pain,
guaranteed mental exhaustion, and abused belief that was once sure.
Explains why there is only room for…

Hello to a billion eyes. Inspired and judgmental, witnessing the brave ones that survived critiquing. Artist, creating beautiful masterpieces of beauty. Hair and makeup is painted, carved and sculpted beyond its own understanding to refresh an awe of rare beauty.

These are the Grammy’s of beauty.

Red carpet, glamor, and bright lights! A spectacle indeed!! Guests come dressed as finalist ready for their name to be called, and camera flashes capture everyone in the perfect pose.
The stage, perfect in size with spotlights that seem to intentionally feed the naturally LARGE egos we hairstylist seem to have. An ocean of seating for our peers, family, and friends surround the stage, again feeding our conditioned desire to be the center of attention. Industry leader judges and award presenters, a tv personality host, and superstar stylist…NAHA defines the beauty industry.

Inspirational risqué. Beauticians reach to the deepest imaginative mental place in attempt to be given the title… BEST. Yearly, beauticians submit designs they have dedicated themselves to be judged against other amazing work from across the continent. Beauty has definitely been elevated beyond daily limitations during this competition. The submissions are pure art (Definitely not hairstyles meant to be worn in normal life ), presenting a refreshed opportunity to unlock what created this profession originally…beautiful genius.

And the winner is…. Why?
The exposure alone is magnificent, and the escape from mundane repetitions is freeing. Imagined being credentialed as the best of your craft, all of its opportunities, and how many more times you will hear “Yes” instead of “no”. Power is beautiful. Salon life, though rewarding, can become absent of interest while challenge and intrigue eventually become mastered reruns. Freedom, expression, and artistry all define hairstylist, and entering the North American Hairstylist Awards reinvents the thrill that we found when we originally became who we are…innovacreartists.

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