Good morning to hectic. The start of demands, limited time, and unaccommodating responsibilities. “To-do” lists come before breakfast and today doesn’t care about you. How your day begins is determining, and your reflection starts it all. Most mornings are a blur with time flying and multitasking being the norm. So here is the “How To” in achieving that beautiful face in a matter of minutes. 

30 seconds: First, cleanse your face. You would expect this to be the norm, but trust me it isn’t. Some of us tend to forget this very important step. I recommend a moisturizing soap because that is vital for skin. Considering the water we use is chemically treated and tends to dry the skin, moisturize soap helps considering the next step to a fast and flawless makeup application.

30 seconds: Second, moisturize with lotion, shea butter, or coconut oil. I prefer shea butter over all moisturizing ointments simply because it is natural and has healing ability unmatched by most oils. Don’t over apply!! Just enough to cover evenly. 

One minute: Third, concealer. Apply under eyes and just under the eye brow. This hides the unwanted bags and poofy eyes. Applying under the brow defines them naturally and accents the brow bone. Use your fingers when applying because the body heat from your hand and face will help for smooth, fast and easy application. 

One minute: Fourth, bronzer. Apply just outside the tail of the eyebrows making a “C” shape going downward across the temples to under the cheek bone. Use a powder brush and apply little by little until reaching a look that still looks natural while creating variation in the face and bring the details to life. Perform this on both sides of the face. If you apply lightly and add more as needed, this is fast and ease!

30 seconds: Fifth, eye shadow. No we are not adding color or full on smoke! What we are doing is a soft smoke. Use a nude tone (one shade or two darker than your skin). Apply to eye  lid blending upward into the crease of the eye and into the concealer you applied to the brow bone. Also apply underneath the bottom lash line. Using a soft tone allows fast blending and won’t be noticeable if isn’t perfect. 

30 seconds: Sixth, mascara. Flirty noticeable lashes are life to a face. But remember, we are creating a flawless but natural makeup look. So if you still have lashes and haven’t ripped them out while wearing artificial ones over the years, all you will need is one fully saturated application. Apply to the top and bottom lashes. 

One minute: Seventh, lipstick and lip liner. Doesn’t matter the colors you choose. Apply lip balm before any lipstick. Apply the lipstick of choice to the inside of top and bottom lip, not focusing too much on the edges. Rub lips together to spread color evenly. Use sharpened lip liner to trace edges of lips and color over the previously applied lipstick. Gently touch lips together again and you now have “ombré” lips! 

*if using lip gloss, you will apply lip liner first and gloss afterwards. Then gently rubbing lips together to create the beautifully blended lip. 

Of course, these steps won’t help with your entire day, but adding time while being beautiful helps!! Try these steps a few times. Let me know if this helps or not. Your feedback means the world to me. Thanks.