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Designed and constructed with the sole intentions of hair health and to help limit split ends. Carefully selected silk and silk combination fabrics crafted individually are luxurious and stylish, while confidently providing reassurance that your hair will maintain moisture better and aiding hair growth.
Why use a silk scarf? When cotton is woven, space is left between threads allowing hair to be caught and eventually leading to breakage and end growth stopping split ends.

Beneficial uses:
protective while sleeping on cotton pillowcase
Helps block humidity
Breathable preventing scalp perspiration
Prolongs hair flat ironing

100% silk
Individually custom made Design
Standard Size 24” x 24”
Quantity: 1 Scarf
Various Colors for Customized Experience
Care Instructions: Dry Clean or Hand Wash are the Best Methods; Machine Wash Gentle; Lay Flat to Dry; Suggest to Use Mesh Wash Bag


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