Mom and daughter at home

Reflections reveal connections. Resemblances within similar appearances circling the details of  of both male and female, mom and dad. Inherited. Expressed. Arts perfectly imperfect duplication of the pure and natural creation, birth’s magic. Timed ages highlighted by boomeranged images, a gift given without hands. Beauty expires only to begin with life’s… “Resemblance”.

Sights creating sensational explosions. Imaginations irresistible. The birth of desire is unsustainable. Uncontainable is the idea of “want”, magnetized closer. Beauty’s addiction creates cavities in a mind. Indulgences craved, battling the moment…visually enslaved by… “Attraction”.

Yearn to feel. Imagination replaced with real. Close is far, want becomes need. Anticipation can plant anxiousness that grows anxiety. The sensational eagerness to touch overpowers the patients containment. Beauty draws bodies close. Displaying an inability with resisting a lust for… “Affection”

Uniqueness of originality and unmatched quality by pure mastery illustrated with flawlessly artistic brilliancy captured in moments of creativity design unpurposely and sometimes unwantedly to admittedly surrender to the appreciation and  “Admiration”  of beauty.

Dreams designed from seeing. Complimentary improvements exceeding the gifts of yesterday. Dreams designed from motivation. Compelling ideals carve aggression into mental walls… permanence. Reality designed by dreams. Fancied creations of fantasy now reality of ideology’s manifestation once imaginary now exist. Originality is birthed from imperfect beauty accidentally perfect and unintentionally becoming… “Inspiration”.

Beauty is bonding. Connecting, creating, and influencing the life of every life. Individualities acceptance and duplication’s approval are driven by the presence of beauty. Beauty is a need while being a want, and it is what drives life. “Beauty is powerful”. 


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