The Beautiful

By ilobeau. 

The Time Hair, Makeup, &
Beauty Is Wasted.

A desire that induces stress for a trophy proven to be pointless. The North American HairStylist Awards, aka NAHA, once sold an idea of accolades, bred competition,
and inspired beauty artist to be better and do better. The initial introduction to the ceremony inspires, and motivates stylist to earn validation of their belonging
amongst the best. Reassuring the truth their eyes tell… “I Am One Of The Best Beauticians!” Instead, involvement in this award competition proves nothing.

Countless hours, money, and hope.To compete requires extreme dedication, sacrifice, and the
unbreakable idea that “I Can.”.
Why do it?
The recognition, the exposure, and the product endorsements that automatically accompany success. Of course monetary winnings can be expected to assist with reimbursing the investment for competing. All of this makes more sense than most things in our lives.Except the expectation fails in comparison to the reality.

Not money, no product endorsements, and not promotions…A Trophy made of colorful crystal fills their creative hands. The hands that designed amazing haircuts, perfectly pinned
curls, and painted unimaginable color combinations.Value worth
the effort and stress remain as absent as love in a one nite stand. Beauty is ART. A beautician’s work is to be recognized and valued as such.NAHA does not respectfully reward the overall investment of each contestant. This is an ugly reality on the prettiest industry
in the world. The sustained existence of the ceremony illustrates its monetary success
adding emphasizes curiosity to why NAHA does not offer more. IBS, International Beauty Services, the company that organizes the event keeps it all! Refusing to offer the deserving beauticians their fair share considering the show is nonexistent without them. Greed supported by fraudulence taking advantage of inspiration, hope, and art.

The “Grammys” for the beauty industry fails beauty professionals. Its’ lack of validation and
recognition beyond the awards cheapens the reason to compete. Success beyond the competition is solely dependent on the social media accounts of contestants. Highlighting the
absence in value of NAHA to the beauty industry. The false accolades seduce hope thru exploitation oftalents, solidifying itself as the only winner of these awards.
It is time for a new way

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