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Beauty & Art Magazine.

Business Articles and advertising platform to increase local branding.  Purchase Ad Pages and Articles for more exposure.

Metro Los Angeles, California.

Best advertising option that links Ads directly to your social media account or website. Distributed locally for immediate impact.


Our Advertising options are the best. Perfect for all Beauty and Art entrepreneurs wanting to grow their brand.

Cover Page

The best brands use aggressive
marketing for their business. Learn more about putting your business in front of the rest.


Article Page

WHO are you? WHAT is your business? WHY did you become a beauty professional? HOW did you become successful? Share your story today.


Ad Page

Advertising pages are one of the most direct and instant marketing strategies used for introducing and branding a business. Be Bold. Be controversial. Be remembered Today.


Featured Ads

Featured means main attraction. Effectively accessible from any page of the BeautyMag for maximal exposure.


The ilobeau Entrepreneurial Beauty and Art Magazine App focuses on providing valuable business information while creating an affective advertising platform for local beauty businesses ONLY.

Bi-monthly issues released in the mobile Application and 5,000 printed free copies for distribution to businesses in the entire Los Angeles County.

The ilobeau App is the first digital magazine that links Ad Pages directly to a business website or social network. A new concept designed for immediate impact matching how costumers communicate and shop today.

Ad Pages are available to the following professions: Makeup Artists, Barbers, Hairstylists, Photographers, Tattoo Artists, Nail Technicians, Esteticians and Cosmetic Surgeons.

Learn More. Do More. Build More.