Our Wigs:

Difference defines us all, and we construct our hair pieces for customization specifically for each individual person. Hand-crafted and stitched for perfection and durability, our hair pieces are designed to last years. Made with only top of line 100% raw human hair, we are able to customize desired hair colors and haircuts reassuring the beautiful uniqueness and refreshing individuality we all originally crave.


Our goal is to monthly distribute a minimum 100 custom hand crafted hair pieces to cancer fighters, trauma survivors, and patients battling health ailments resulting in hair loss. Currently based in Arizona, we are personably able to help patients in neighboring Southern California and New Mexico. We hope to expand our impact nationally in the near future. Also, we are not limiting, but instead expanding or reach and intended impact to people of all ages. Self perception is an unmatched power that impacts life in unmeasurable ways.

Why Donate?

Beauty Beats Cancer is 501(c)(3). Image the impact that your reflection and image have on your mindset. Consider your confidence and how it is lacking when your reflection is short of acceptable by your own judgement, then consider the impact our imagination has when assuming how we are seen by people. Finally, understand the vulnerability of uncontrollable results from unexpected failing health. Seeing yourself change and seemingly vanishing from importance. Helplessly watching your reflection constantly evolve and your confidence shrink. Now imagine Your Mother struggling to endure, Your Daughter giving up, or Your Wife refusing to fight and live thru this moment. Life happens. It is unapologetically unexpected, and some of us lack the needed support for reassurance of fighting. Not everyone has unwaivering confidence and strength during their moment to fight for a reason at life. Some of us are simply alone and only have ourselves and our reflections to believe we are worth fighting for.

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